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Posted on 03-15-15 01:01 AM Link | #116
Generic Platformer v.03b
Hi I'm new to the forums but I wanted to post my new project for the 3ds. called generic platformer. the name is self explanatory. it is more of a demo right now. but I have implemented a couple cool things that I have not seen so far in current homebrew.
To do/have done
x Tiling(clipping converted bin images)
x collision and gravity
x color keying for sprites and tiles
- animations are next.
- actually putting in an objective.
screenshot below its quite ugly.


the project is over at my github

I am fairly new to c++. so if my code is bad I am terribly sorry.
also I'm currently trying to get my hands on some info about editing raw bitmap files that are included as headers. I wanna try to be able to eventually do rotations.

Posted on 03-15-15 12:45 PM Link | #117
Seems like an interesting project! Good luck :)

blargSNES -- SNES emu for 3DS
More cool stuff

Main - Homebrew projects - (W.I.P) Generic platformer New reply

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