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Posted on 12-13-14 11:07 AM, in Debugging ARM9 with IDA and Qemu problems Link | #64
Hello, recently I've been trying to debug some of Kan49's archive posted a while back on GBAtemp. I am running IDA 6.1 with Qemu .11. I installed Qemu following this guide http://www.hexblog.com/?p=111.

Now my problem occurs when I start to debug a process. I can set break points in the code but when as soon as I start debugging it crashes. Very few files I have loaded have ever let me start the debug process, otherwise it crashes as soon as I continue past the first break.

I have a screen capture of what happens if it helps clarify my issue. Sorry for the quality, I thought it would be better.

The second prompt when I start to debug says "Segment 'ROM' lies outside of valid memory regions. The program will likely fail to load or work properly. If possible, rebase the program or edit the memory map.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Posted on 12-15-14 07:09 PM, in Debugging ARM9 with IDA and Qemu problems Link | #67
I only get the "outside of valid memory regions" error with the arm9 ram dumps. I have tinkered around with some of the p3ds dumps he's made, but there is a lot to know about the 3ds memory layout. There are many dumps/leaked kernel files other than Kanes (st4rks cfw), but piecing it all together is very challenging.

Main - Posts by iamn1ck

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