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Posted on 11-20-15 03:17 PM, in JPEG Signatures Link | #756
Posted by nocash
PS. seeing a .MPO file from 3DS would be also interesting. Are that files compatible with JPG viewers (eg. allowing to see the "left" half as normal 2D image)?

Yes, .mpo files are simply two jpeg files joined together and all jpeg viewers show just the left half as a normal 2D image.
Here's an example of a 3DS mpo file as taken from Steel Divers: Sub Wars: http://puu.sh/lsBrQ/b72c8fe530.zip

Posted on 11-24-15 09:04 AM, in Cartridge header for NDS Carts from year 2009 or later Link | #771
The newest version of wooddumper can dump the whole DSi-enhanced header, which is why there's been a lot of good DSi-enhanced and DSi-only been added to No-Intro.

Posted on 12-06-15 04:21 PM, in What is this file's format? Link | #814
Perhaps it'd be better to upload said file and not black out the first 0x10 bytes.

Posted on 12-06-15 04:28 PM, in What is this file's format? Link | #817
Telling us about said file is not the same as uploading the file for others to tell you what it is.

Main - Posts by einstein95

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