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Posted on 02-22-15 04:45 PM, in 4dsdev cosmetics thread Link | #93
Hello everyone, it was a like help with the creation of the logo, I hope to work together in future projects as art_designer.

Posted on 02-26-15 07:47 PM, in Help RE Boot 9.2 FW Link | #95
Hello boys, I wanted to know if anyone can give me some tips to study the boot of my nand 2DS fw 9.2, I would rewrite the boot to start rednand and seek to upgrade to 9.5 in order to use the eshop download the theme, etc., without lose the ability to use in the future the homebrew channel.
Today asking info below irc channel, I was told if piracy was so important to me, I felt offended, are a user gnu / linux, and not use pirated software. Well to make the logo / banner I have not used a needless pay program, I used blender inkscape and gimp.
and as for the console does not feel the need for any having to hack into any games, the game only two three titles for the console.
I do not want someone to do the job in my place, I just want to know where to start, not having to lose the pleasure of being able to use the homebrew channel and retrogames on my 2DS
PS: If you think that this topic is not consistent with the philosophy of the forum please to be trashed. On the contrary, I would not want that it engages a Rants on piracy, because it is not in my interest to start cia or rom games 3ds

Posted on 03-02-15 02:08 PM, in Help RE Boot 9.2 FW Link | #97
In Italian, in these cases, it is said: "the game is not worth the candle";
It would take more time to run the reverse of the gateway code, which to analyze the dump axi wram and FCRAM.
Now the only question I have is if the boot functions identically both as regards the one sysnand 4.x for a sysnand 9.2.
Apart from this small detail, I have only two things to do: finish studying on 3dbrew, and dump and write the code, and find someone that I run the hardware change in my town, I would not break the 2DS with the first experiment gone wrong

Posted on 03-03-15 02:06 PM, in Help RE Boot 9.2 FW Link | #99
Posted by StapleButter
If I get it right, what you want is a custom firmware.

Gateway's launchers are a good starting point. They do launch their own modified firmware.

No honestly I only care about the possibility of having a emunand upgradeable on 2DS , without having the gateway .
For the moment I studied : the source of the custom firmware and some other source nds and wii .
I think I have figured out how it works. My biggest problem is time, are busy with academic study , so I'm working slowly. He hoped to end months of being able to finish at least one alpha .

Posted on 03-07-15 04:17 PM, in Help RE Boot 9.2 FW Link | #105
Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you a bit of material, from which I am studying. I ask you to advise me if the way I'm going is the right one.
So to get an idea of ​​how the startup boot nand, first of all I consulted 3dbrew "hxxp: //3dbrew.org/wiki/Bootloader"; then I read as well as with the boot on dsi / nds "hxxps: //github.com/devkitPro/nds-hb-menu/blob/master/bootloader/source/boot.c"
; to see if the work boot were similar to each other (NDS / 3DS), I consulted the work of Xerpi present on "hxxps: //bitbucket.org/xerpi/" for example "hxxps://bitbucket.org/xerpi/3ds-arm9-linux-loader/src/a3d361b314a6e4ee38d7f8b36f50bfcbd1e60102/source/main.c?at=master".
Since little has been public well of very interesting work by roxas75 "hxxps: //github.com/roxas75/rxTools" containing many libraries useful to recall the emunand.

My idea is to rewrite the boot of the nand on the work of Xerpi and go to hook the emunand with libraries published by roxas75. I would like to have a debate on this. do you think it is possible, starting from this material rewrite the boot on sd

Posted on 03-07-15 04:29 PM, in Help RE Boot 9.2 FW Link | #107
Posted by StapleButter
Sure it's possible, but it's going to be quite a bit of work.

Also, why are all your URLs 'hxxps' instead of 'https'?

I thought that without the "xx", were censored otherwise.

Do you think the boot should be written simply by recalling the first boot of emunand.

Posted on 03-07-15 04:45 PM, in Help RE Boot 9.2 FW Link | #109
Posted by StapleButter
Nah, you can post as many links as you like. We don't have these silly "spam prevention" measures here.

I don't know about Emunand, but booting a firmware would be a good starting point. Easier than trying to write a firmware from scratch.

I never thought of writing a firmware from scratch. My only focus has write launching emunand for my 2DS. For the moment I do not care starting a CFW.
One thing that I have to write is undoubtedly a script to dump the "axi wram" and "fcram" during a softreset

Posted on 03-09-15 04:42 PM, in Help RE Boot 9.2 FW (rev. 2 of 03-09-15 04:43 PM) Link | #112
Today roxas75 implemented In His tool the boot emunand . https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-rxtools-roxas75-3ds-toolkit-fw-2-0-9-2.382782/ link .
Despite this I will continue to work on my project . now I have spent a lot of time on this project , and let
unfinished is a sin

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