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Posted on 07-10-15 01:20 AM, in Accessing the NAND (via fopen / opendir) Link | #253
It's handled like a CTR partition and it can only be properly decrypted if it exist logically. The AGB_FIRM savegame area is just blank if no GBA game ever was running.
The code i linked works for all partitions. The AGB_FIRM savegame should contain the latest savegame(s) of the games you played in plaintext (after decrypting).

Posted on 09-01-15 12:30 PM, in So in the end, where is this going? Link | #395
Some people are already here. The problem is there is not much to discuss here so we would need more threads which attract people. Otherwise it's fine as it is.

Posted on 09-08-15 05:53 PM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS Link | #400

Sience you messed with the sound there is no crackling anymore but it seems you introduced new problems like certain sound effects don't or play incorrectly. You can probably notice this best in Super Metroid if you fully charged the beam. It sounds like there are samples missing or something like that. Would be great if you could fix these new issues too.

Posted on 09-23-15 07:33 PM, in Decrypting CIA contents directly? Link | #429
You can't do everything on the PC because the title key needs to be decrypted through the AES engine. If you have the decrypted title key however it's easy to decrypt the contents of titles.

Posted on 09-26-15 07:44 AM, in The introductions thread Link | #432
3DS Camera is kind of shit because it is limited everywhere. It only supports jpeg which is like the worst format to use.

Don't let that get you down. Make your own app which beats the official one!

Posted on 09-26-15 09:40 AM, in The introductions thread Link | #434
Nope, only jpeg. And it plays only videos also encoded with a shitty codec. With a 10 minutes limit.

The camera app is more an extra than a solution.

Posted on 10-06-15 12:38 PM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS Link | #449
The reason for the crash is not in blargSnes. Just wait until themehax got fixed completely.

Posted on 10-07-15 07:32 AM, in Forum looks empty, need some help (Chrome issue) Link | #457
Mibbit was banned long time ago because it got abused too much. Get some IRC client for your PC and choose a server:


Most servers should still exist but this list is outdated.

Posted on 10-09-15 12:42 PM, in DSi reverse-engineering? Link | #463
Wtf, my reply did not appear. Whatever.

I'm sure the site owner has nothing against this :) I would like if a stable and fast MMC driver would come out of this for DSi and 3DS.

Posted on 10-10-15 01:15 PM, in [help] Building Smealum's Aperture Science 3DS Link | #475
portal3DS relies on a pretty old version of ctrulib. That's all. So it either needs to be updated or go back to a ctrulib commit from the same timeframe as the last update of portal3DS.

Posted on 10-10-15 05:13 PM, in [help] Building Smealum's Aperture Science 3DS (rev. 2 of 10-10-15 05:14 PM) Link | #478
git checkout [commit number]

Posted on 10-17-15 04:56 PM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS Link | #520
Who continues blargSnes now btw? It's a great piece of sw and deserves to be continued.

Posted on 10-20-15 07:05 AM, in SHA hash functions via 3DS registers? Link | #525

No access from ARM11 usrland. This uses the SHA directly.

Posted on 10-25-15 08:11 AM, in DSi Keys on 3DS Link | #556
Dumping that area is easy. If you have ARM9 code execution you can always at least read that area.

Posted on 10-25-15 06:13 PM, in JPEG Signatures Link | #570
For me it worked since like always. Just had to adjust the file name.

Posted on 10-26-15 03:49 AM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS Link | #573
Finally the king is back :P Can't wait for your work.

Posted on 10-28-15 08:57 PM, in Possible board merge Link | #595
I don't mind it beeing merged. Having an extra subforum for 3DS hb and reverse engineering should be fine.

Posted on 10-31-15 07:07 AM, in Injecting other apps over Health & Safety? Link | #629
Don't link or share copyrighted content here.

Posted on 11-09-15 12:53 PM, in blargSNES: event scheduler design Link | #695
You might want to use light locks or maybe the coming light events. That's a lot better than using sys calls every time.

Posted on 11-23-15 12:49 PM, in Decrypting the NAND title.db / import.db Link | #761
Not related to your question but it is silent here because you ask the wrong questions. The en-/decryption stuff was ok but not asking about these db files. It's not in the rules but no one will answer if it get's used for purposes we don't like.

You are welcome to ask other things.
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Main - Posts by profi200

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