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Posted on 06-22-15 04:21 PM, in Using Brahma as a library / loader (rev. 2 of 06-22-15 04:56 PM) Link | #233
Posted by d0k3
Yes, initially I didn't have the consoleInit() function in there, but I got desperate and untouched Brahma initializes the console before the exploit.

So, that function is not the reason behind the problem, it lies somewhere else. And, I'm actually only using the topscreen.

However, the thing about RGB565 instead of RGB8, if I look at it now, somehow sounds plausible. I'll try and see if I can set the RGB mode manually before the exploit.

I made a pull request for switching to RGB8 mode. Maybe you can use the same function calls to switch to your preferred mode.

Posted on 06-30-15 03:46 PM, in CakeHax - Open Source ARM9 loader (rev. 3 of 08-14-15 05:47 PM) Link | #238
I've had the code for this in CakesFW for a while now, but I've decided to separate it and make it a standalone project.
This is a mostly drop-in replacement for Gateway's LauncherTemplate.dat you see in projects like rxTools and Decrypt9.
What this does, is, from whatever entry point you're coming, does some exploits to get into ARM9 kernel mode, and then runs your code.

More info on the github page: https://github.com/mid-kid/CakeHax

Currently supported entry points are MSET 4.x and 6.x (you can downgrade to these versions on newer firmwares), and spider 4.0-9.2.
See https://github.com/mid-kid/CakesROP for ROP installers for MSET.

As an example of how to replace LauncherTemplate.dat with CakeHax, this is all I had to change in Decrypt9 to make it run on MSET with CakeHax: https://github.com/mid-kid/Decrypt9/commit/c4dc54df40630772447d7ce83f07e6c3103f2225

Posted on 06-30-15 04:55 PM, in CakeHax - Open Source ARM9 loader Link | #240
Posted by Steveice10
Pretty neat, although I feel like a universal payload launcher would be a better idea than a template for various projects to inject into. Like the homebrew launcher, but for ARM9. Would avoid .dat naming conflicts and make entrypoint compatibility easier.

Not a bad idea. I may implement it someday. Though my priorities lie somewhere else at the moment.

Main - Posts by mid-kid

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