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Posted on 11-11-14 01:07 PM, in CHIP-3DS: CHIP-8 emulator for the 3DS [ARM11] Link | #17
Hi there, I coded a CHIP-8 emu for the 3DS a few months ago, but ctrulib has seen lots of changes since then, so I've updated it to work with the latest ctrulib source.
It's working on the Citra emulator, and I haven't tried it on a real 3DS, so no idea if it works well or not...
So here's the code: https://github.com/xerpi/CHIP-3DS
I would really appreciate if somebody could test this on a real 3DS, and not just on the PC emulator :D


Posted on 11-13-14 12:49 PM, in CHIP-3DS: CHIP-8 emulator for the 3DS [ARM11] (rev. 2 of 11-13-14 12:50 PM) Link | #19
Posted by StapleButter
Interesting project. What would you recommend me to test it with?

(also reminds me I should probably make the board convert stray URLs to links <_< >_> )

A Pong game is compiled within the emulator, so no need to put any "ROM" on the SD (currently).

Posted on 03-27-16 05:17 PM, in Touch Screen? Link | #992
Here's all the RE I've done to the GPIO module: http://pastie.org/private/b17vatmthopnxufqb5trw
I'm still trying to figure out how the GPIO registers work.

Posted on 03-31-16 07:20 AM, in Touch Screen? Link | #995
Yesterday I finally got the touchscreen working on Linux after porting the RE'd code from the codec and SPI services. I'll post the pseudo-code to get the touchscreen initialized and read from it soon.

Main - Posts by xerpi

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