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Posted on 06-21-15 04:31 AM, in Staplehax -- Ninjhax with kernel access (rev. 2 of 06-21-15 04:34 AM) Link | #225
Hi, nice forum here. Really fast and good looking. :)

My question, StapleButter or anybody, which is the correct .cro file to use with when building this for new3ds?
(edit, just saw that I don't need the .cro stuff to build staplehax, but could you still answer this so I can get ninjhax build correctly? thx)

The ones I see are:

Which is the right one and is the .lex format something I have to decompress or process in some way?

Opposing Force
Posted on 06-26-15 03:00 PM, in Staplehax -- Ninjhax with kernel access Link | #237
Posted by StapleButter
I know zero about that shit. I haven't bothered to deal with it.

.lex, I found out, is not some official file format. It's Nintendo's own LZ77. They just made up the file extension for fun and confusion I guess.

.lex stands for, LZ77 EXtended
It can be decompressed with dsdecmp.

Opposing Force
Posted on 11-11-15 03:25 PM, in need to do something more? after installing oot3d hax Link | #709
Did you re-install oot3dhax? You need the payloads specific to that firmware.

Opposing Force
Posted on 11-29-15 10:37 PM, in Questions? and Private Update Server Link | #800
Is it possible to rehost those files? Probably not many here can read chinese.

Opposing Force
Posted on 11-30-15 12:39 AM, in Questions? and Private Update Server (rev. 3 of 11-30-15 12:47 AM) Link | #802
Posted by Syphurith
Well OK. Indeed using google translation isn't hard, but i would update the main post to add attachments.
Eh.. this forum doesn't support attachment. I would have to find a free file hosting website first..
EDIT: OK now it is on dropfile.io i hope you can download it easier then.

Thank you for doing that. : )

Here is a mirror that won't expire in 24 hours.
update server
server test

Opposing Force
Posted on 05-08-16 11:39 PM, in no$gba v2.8c update - with more DSi emulation and DSi specs Link | #1008
Posted by Normmatt
It shows up during the health/safety screen.

I will verify that my BIOS dumps include all the keys... I must have missed one...

Post some hashes too please! Like to see if we're on the same page here.
BIOSDSI7.ROM - 2e17b63fc7ad43763f11226c96240ef1
BIOSDSI9.ROM - 3fbb3f39bd9a96e5d743f138bd4b9907

I'm simply getting a black bootrom error screen:


Opposing Force
Posted on 06-19-16 04:35 PM, in DSi Font File Format Link | #1045
That twlfontTable.dat file is the same in all of my 3ds and dsi nand dumps. crc32 f1953b32

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