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Posted on 08-29-16 05:36 PM Link | #1076
(also, IRC reporting is back. better late than never. efnet is still trash)

Anyway, let's try this again.

I end up checking 4dsdev less and less, and it's not going to get better. But I don't want to let it rot or close it.

I want someone who would be interested in administrating the board. That person would be given carte blanche, except for the following points:

* no gross power abuse
* no elitism -- shooting down a retard is okay, shooting down someone who is willing to learn because they don't already know everything isn't.
* no North Korea administration -- permanently banning people at the slightest mistake isn't acceptable, neither is rejecting all criticism you don't like.

The administrator will be placed under my authority, I will remain available and occasionally check the board to ensure everything is allright. I mostly don't want the board to get spam or other shit lingering for days or weeks before I notice.

PM me if you're interested. Although I will say, if you're not a non-GBAtemp 3DS scene regular, your chances of getting the position are pretty slim.

blargSNES -- SNES emu for 3DS
More cool stuff

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