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Posted on 11-18-15 07:11 PM Link | #752
With the DSi, nintendo invented a whitelist for older NDS cartridges, and, theoretically, they must have added stuff like RSA signatures in newer NDS cartridges...

Did anybody ever see any such cartridges with extra header entries? And did Nintendo even produce NDS games (without DSi features) after releasing the DSi at all?

Note: Seeing any extra entries would probably require dumping the whole DSi-style 1000h-byte cart header (older NDS dumping utilities may be unable to do that).

Posted on 11-18-15 07:27 PM (rev. 3 of 11-18-15 07:38 PM) Link | #753
There are plenty of examples of cards using RSA. Cooking Coach and Face Training are right in front of me and I can verify the RSA on both. AFAIK all retail TWL hybrid or limited cards use RSA?

Edit: Unless you meant *Nitro cards* using RSA, I don't think that's ever been observed.

Edit 2: Apparently they do exist according to Normmatt and I'm just full of shit

Posted on 11-24-15 09:00 AM Link | #770
Yes, "Nitro cards" from 2009 or later. I am quite sure that they do exist and that they do have an extended header (else they couldn't be played on DSi or 3DS), but I don't know of anybody having observed (and documented) their header format yet.

If currently available tools aren't allowing to dump the whole 1000h-byte header, then even the incomplete 160h-byte header might contain some interesting stuff:
There's probably a flag in there for indicating the presence of the extended header - so one could at least use that flag to detect incompletely dumped ROM-images... assuming that all currently existing ROM-images that have that flag set are incomplete dumps.

Posted on 11-24-15 09:04 AM Link | #771
The newest version of wooddumper can dump the whole DSi-enhanced header, which is why there's been a lot of good DSi-enhanced and DSi-only been added to No-Intro.

Main - Reverse-engineering - Cartridge header for NDS Carts from year 2009 or later New reply

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