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Posted on 11-25-15 07:15 PM, in Get ARM11 code execution from FIRM_LAUNCH ARM9? Link | #775
I would like to work on a CFW not based on Nintendo's code, but the first part of that (to me anyway) is to get code execution on ARM11 from ARM9 FIRM_LAUNCH. Sure I could make one in ARM9, but that would be limited.

Could I can get all (4 3ds/6 new 3DS) cores at once, not needed at all.

Posted on 11-26-15 09:10 PM, in blargSNES: event scheduler design Link | #778
Posted by yuriks
I'd do this with a simple sorted array. Your number of outstanding events at any given time is likely to be a small number. Simply give each event entry an auto-incrementing unique id, and insert it into the array mantaining a sorted order. For removing events iterate until you find a matching id.

Since the number of events is small, a linked list or other more complex structure will probably not give you any significant advantage (and could even be slower with a naive implementation.)

To optimize for the common case, you could sort the array in reverse order, so that popping the next event just requires decrementing the size. Another option is to use a circular array instead, though the implementation there is slightly more complicated.

You might be able to abuse memory mapping to make a ring buffer; that could be fun.

Posted on 11-26-15 09:36 PM, in How to build homebrew for the 3DS Link | #781
You should add stuff for CIA builds, the rxTools/Pasta/Cake/reiNAND/etc users need love to!

Posted on 11-26-15 09:37 PM, in How to build homebrew for the 3DS (rev. 2 of 11-26-15 09:41 PM) Link | #782
Posted by phase
just stalls my console forever. It doesn't look like it's running any commands or anything.

Each time I do make it just stalls. If I quit it and try a different file, it does the same thing. Make works on my other projects, and DevkitPro is installed, so I don't know what the problem could be.

Just use Command Prompt.

Posted on 11-27-15 03:17 PM, in Get ARM11 code execution from FIRM_LAUNCH ARM9? (rev. 2 of 11-27-15 03:17 PM) Link | #785
Posted by Syphurith
You could contact 173210 and others on github, from those repos of CFWs under active development.
And i would say good for this too.

They have been of little help.

Posted on 11-28-15 11:41 AM, in Get ARM11 code execution from FIRM_LAUNCH ARM9? (rev. 2 of 11-28-15 12:03 PM) Link | #786
Could I clobber the interupt vectors on ARM11 from ARM9 to do this?
That memory is the bootrom...

Posted on 11-28-15 11:59 AM, in Mount nand:/ ? Link | #787
Inwas looking at the exheader page on 3dbrew again, and I saw this. This got me thinking, could I use those bits to get access to nand:/? All I would need is read access, but write would be a bonus.

I know this would only apply to cia and 3ds builds and injected stuff.

Posted on 11-28-15 12:14 PM, in Get ARM11 code execution from FIRM_LAUNCH ARM9? Link | #789
Posted by Dazzozo
You're meant to remap it.

Oh, this might be the way then!

Posted on 11-28-15 04:31 PM, in Get ARM11 code execution from FIRM_LAUNCH ARM9? Link | #790
How would I dump the memory map?

Posted on 11-28-15 10:22 PM, in Get ARM11 code execution from FIRM_LAUNCH ARM9? Link | #792
Posted by Dazzozo
There won't be one after FIRM launch, the ARM11 will be operating with physical addressing.

You will have to enable the MMU yourself.

This sounds like fun. To bad we can't dump the bootrom; correct?

Posted on 11-28-15 11:05 PM, in blargSNES: event scheduler design Link | #793
Posted by plutoo
I kinda agree, if you can live with a hard limit on the number of events then a circular array would be optimal. But removals in the "middle" of the array can be painful to implement. :P

Check for nulls and skip them, keep the holes in mind while updating the pointer? Given an array that is a little oversized and smart coding, that should not be to big of a preformance hit.

Posted on 11-29-15 11:40 AM, in Get ARM11 code execution from FIRM_LAUNCH ARM9? Link | #795
Posted by Dazzozo
You don't even need the bootrom for any of this.

I guess your correct... It is FIRM stuff. -.-
Over over complicating things as per usual.

Posted on 11-29-15 05:30 PM, in Get ARM11 code execution from FIRM_LAUNCH ARM9? Link | #798
Posted by Dazzozo
As for your overall aim here, I suggest you first spend some time understanding how NATIVE_FIRM operates, before trying to replace it. Specifically, how it brings up the ARM cores and to an extent, how it prepares them for shutdown (and generally how FIRM launch works). Otherwise, you're trying to run before you can walk.

That was part of the plan, I was just hoping that someone had the ARM stuff figured out so I could get a simple POC setup.

Posted on 12-03-15 10:44 PM, in SPI Service? Link | #807
Any one revering the SPI service? I've been looking into it some, as I would kinda like to have some custom SPI stuff.

Posted on 12-05-15 09:46 AM, in dynamic link libs? for 3DS Link | #809
I like the idea of shared code, but lets avoid DLL hell; we need to implement it well. I might try to make a static library for this, without any system mods; but with svc and memory fun.

Posted on 12-13-15 07:23 PM, in Get BOOTROM/Key Scrambler? Link | #826
I was wondering if there has been any progress getting the BOOTROM and key scrabler from the (n)3DS. From what I recall you need to decap the chips for this.

So, any info?

Posted on 12-14-15 07:11 PM, in Get BOOTROM/Key Scrambler? Link | #831
I know the key stuff is not that useful, mainly interested in that info for documentation; to lead to better emulation down the road. Someone said they glitched the bootrom, but I doubt it based on what they have said about it.

Posted on 12-23-15 08:16 PM, in How Does Version Spoofing Work? Link | #842
How does version spoofing work on the 3DS, I would like to attempt to implement a version spoofer so n3DS emuNAND users can get intomthe eShop.

Posted on 12-29-15 07:49 PM, in Would It Be Possible to Have an Exploit Via Removing the SD card? Link | #847
The 3DS handles removing the SD and game's just fine anyway. There is only a problem with emuNAND because you are basically removing the NAND, which is not supposed to be removable.

Posted on 01-05-16 09:37 PM, in How Does Version Spoofing Work? Link | #854
Posted by Syphurith
Quite sorry for replying this late.
1.Version Spoofing itself is not hard, just edit the Version inside TMD.
However this would break the TMD signatures so you would need sig-patch environment - except Injected APP that isn't checked for the signature tightly.
2.The main reason you can not access Eshop due to the Service URL changed. Thanks to Smea that already a homebrew based on HANS can give you the access.
Hope you could find something interesting next time.

That does not explain how it is done on the console though.
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