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Posted on 11-27-14 08:36 AM, in ctrulib GPU API status Link | #32
I have already given up on ctrulib's GPU_ functions and now I'm only using them as reference for writing my own OpenGL implementation.

Posted on 11-30-14 11:53 AM, in Welcome to 4dsdev! Link | #37
Posted by StapleButter
Indeed. There's a thread about all that junk in the site feedback forum.

I can try to make a theme, but I kinda suck at graphics design.

Just use Bootstrap then.

Posted on 11-30-14 03:31 PM, in GPU stuff to investigate Link | #38
Can user-mode applications access these? http://3dbrew.org/wiki/PDN_Registers

One of them could control the power to the GPU, theoretically making it possible to reset it. But then again, it probably needs some kind of an initialization sequence known only by the OS.

Posted on 11-30-14 03:32 PM, in GPU stuff to investigate Link | #39
Also http://3dbrew.org/wiki/PDN_Services#PDN_GSP_service_.22pdn:g.22

Posted on 12-02-14 02:45 AM, in GPU abstraction layers Link | #42
Actually, looking at blargGL, it seems to be pretty much the same as ctrGL, except it's not trying to emulate the OpenGL API and just does its own thing. (the essence, state tracking and updating, looks very similar)

As for the nonstandard bits, please let me know if I'm missing any OpenGL functions you think I should implement. There are indeed many extension functions, but most of them should also have a standard equivalent (some functions will obviously never be implemented, e.g. glCompileShader)
Matrix setting is kinda hairy, but it is needed to enable automagic stereo.

Posted on 12-02-14 10:48 AM, in GPU abstraction layers Link | #44
Oh right, I completely forgot this existed in GL ES. (probably because I never use ES)

Then again, this would require allocating a shader object aside from a program object, which would pretty much just add bloat for no real benefit. Also, you can't tell glShaderBinary NOT to copy any data.

Main - Posts by minexew

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