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Posted on 10-06-15 07:15 PM, in [Nevermind] SDL support? (rev. 2 of 10-07-15 01:07 AM) Link | #450
Has anyone ported SDL to 3ds yet?
I'm looking into porting the IBNIZ virtual machine but it does require SDL for rendering and audio.
If its not available yet, is anyone working on it?

EDIT: im a fucking idiot, why didn't i google it first. Ignore or delete this post please.

Posted on 10-10-15 12:29 AM, in [help] Building Smealum's Aperture Science 3DS Link | #472
So, me and many others online have been having trouble getting a working build of portal3ds. Just look up portal3ds download and you'll find plenty of forum posts and reddit threads related to the subject. A few people have managed to build it successfully and put it online but they have failed to say how.

I personally wish to compile it from source because i have the o3ds and need to change the button bindings to work properly on my system (the main branch requires the use of the secondary bumpers in order to jump and pick up objects).

My primary experience in coding is primarily in python but i know enough about C to change the button bindings myself. The main problem is that it fails to compile with some errors that i don't understand. I believe I have all the necessary libraries installed.

Here's the compile log (windows): http://www.pasteall.org/61593

Thanks in advance. :)

Posted on 10-10-15 05:05 PM, in [help] Building Smealum's Aperture Science 3DS (rev. 2 of 10-12-15 02:19 AM) Link | #477
Posted by pimathbrainiac
Do you have the latest version of ctrlib installed, or the one that comes with devkitpro?

(there are a lot of implicit declarations, which is why I say this)

EDIT: The error also has to do with the sound stuff. I suggest you clone the ctrlib repo, make, and make install the library from that.

I installed the latest ctrlib from smea's github after I set up devkitarm.

Posted by profi200

Posted by pimathbrainiac

Is there an easy way to switch between the two versions of ctrlib as i need? (I will of course need to switch back to the latest version in order to build future projects.)

Posted on 10-11-15 01:45 PM, in [help] Building Smealum's Aperture Science 3DS (rev. 2 of 10-12-15 02:25 AM) Link | #484
Posted by profi200
git checkout [commit number]

I dont understand.

Posted on 10-12-15 02:24 AM, in [help] Building Smealum's Aperture Science 3DS Link | #490
Okay, it built successfully. Now ive got a new problem...
When loading a map it complains that it couldn't create the physics thread then hangs.
Physics thread creation failed! What do we do?!
001299E8 001BBD68 001BFD90

I'm not sure how to go about debugging this issue.

Posted on 10-12-15 03:24 AM, in [help] Building Smealum's Aperture Science 3DS (rev. 3 of 10-12-15 04:10 AM) Link | #491
Fake fixed it by disabling the error message and command to hang but of course, physics enabled objects no longer spawn.

Player physics (conservation of momentum through portals) works perfectly fine oddly enough.

Game hangs when attempting to respawn after death.

3d projection is backwards (right eye sees what the left eye should and vice-versa).

Various levels hang at random areas.

Other than these issues it works pretty well.
I'm looking into the physics error right now. If you have any insight please let me know. :)

Posted on 10-12-15 10:36 AM, in [help] Building Smealum's Aperture Science 3DS (rev. 2 of 10-12-15 10:47 AM) Link | #494
Posted by Garcia98
You're probably using homemenuhax, use the method to launch blargSNES (open a game then press power button then home button and enter homemenuhax) or use another *hax

I'm not sure how that would change anything. Both hmhax and tubehax utilize basically the same payload.

Anyway, I tried it and all the same errors occured.

Update: okay, tubehax does work about half the time. whats so different about running it from there?

Posted on 10-13-15 10:39 AM, in [help] Building Smealum's Aperture Science 3DS Link | #504
Posted by Garcia98

Ah, thanks. That makes much more sense now. :)

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