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Posted on 10-07-15 01:41 AM, in dynamic link libs? for 3DS Link | #451
I was looking around and stumbled a pone

I have two questions

How to
i. build a CRO, CRS?
ii call the exported functions from library?

If you can form your own opinion, your a "subversive"?

Posted on 10-08-15 04:50 AM, in dynamic link libs? for 3DS Link | #459
There is kernel entries, building & etc of an unsigned cia's already?

Service_SRV, ///< The SRV (Service Directory) implementation
Service_FS, ///< The FS (Filesystem) service implementation
Service_ERR, ///< The ERR (Error) port implementation
Service_APT, ///< The APT (Applets) service
Service_GSP, ///< The GSP (GPU control) service
Service_AC, ///< The AC (WiFi status) service
Service_AM, ///< The AM (Application manager) service
Service_PTM, ///< The PTM (Power status & misc.) service
--> Service_LDR, ///< The LDR (3ds dll loader) service
Service_NIM, ///< The NIM (Network interface manager) service
Service_NWM, ///< The NWM (Network wlan manager) service
Service_CFG, ///< The CFG (Configuration) service
Service_DSP, ///< The DSP (DSP control) service
Service_HID, ///< The HID (Human interface device) service
Service_SOC, ///< The SOC (Socket) service

Exploring the usage of "LDR" Service just like any other of it's ctrulib counter-parts
Or some how mimic the native interfaces for import & export library functions?

--> https://github.com/citra-emu/citra/blob/a5f77c98865934147ffc07b79a49c76afca3cb15/src/core/hle/service/ldr_ro.cpp

If you can form your own opinion, your a "subversive"?

Posted on 10-09-15 05:01 AM, in an "Elegant" canvas for the 3DS (rev. 4 of 10-09-15 05:09 AM) Link | #460
Selling points of the 3DS-Sails:

The "GPU is estranged" from & It's "Oblivious" too buffers it's working with!
Goal reached "manipulate sections of screen with out repeated calls to gfxGetFramebuffer"
& 3D images can be rendered & viewed with, remember Amiga 500 with video toaster?

Items for left, right, bottom & buffer's
1. Versatile get & set for both pixel or isolated rectangular regions
2. Use Text, Lines, Boxes, Polygons, Circles & tilted Ellipse

A presentation can be found
have a look --> "http://flying-dutchmen.github.io/3DS-Sails/"
an investigation/demo --> "http://1drv.ms/1VE3fMM"

If you can form your own opinion, your a "subversive"?

Posted on 10-09-15 01:48 PM, in You are free to use my music to your hb project! Link | #466
It very bata, the raw file format works but lacks in codecs, test & demos...
proposed sfx extensions in development --> https://github.com/flying-dutchmen/3DS-Ringer

Is revised & forked --> http://smealum.net/ASDS/

Some other projects &or games cited that use original sfx.c --> Insectoid Defense
& found --> http://4dsdev.org/thread.php?id=51

If you can form your own opinion, your a "subversive"?

Posted on 10-09-15 02:33 PM, in My compiler, are U Quan of the good grills Link | #467
Radio-Freedom is a GNU based C/C++ compiler
Can be used with little or minor revision to any of the DevkitPro makefiles

It works for building NDS & ctrulib *.3ds, *.3dsx & *.cia files
The Mutiny & Ltd. sedition Radio-Freedom can be found --> flying-dutchmen/kumbaya_slumlord

Why? I belief in the pursuit studies & would sooner defend Academia:
The Bourgeois acclaim to "I was, coddled in abridged c++ @ Harvard" prior to this altercation!!

Other guardians of the grills & digress with
what ever vocation for which you born into: U can't keep good grill down..
A go-go Mozilla bent-on

If you can form your own opinion, your a "subversive"?

Main - Posts by year0097ic

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