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Posted on 10-13-15 02:15 PM, in LövePotion - LÖVE API for 3DS Homebrew - BETA Link | #505
LövePotion is an unofficial work in progress implementation of the LÖVE API for 3DS Homebrew.


If you're not aware of LÖVE, it's a framework you can use to make 2D games in Lua.

To learn C, I decided to make an unofficial port of its API to 3DS.
It is still nowhere near completion, but very simple games can be made very easily.

You can look at/contribute to the source code on the projects GitHub.
You can download builds from the GitHub Releases page.

Make sure to check out the LÖVE Wiki, aswell as the Implemented list to see what you can use.

Posted on 11-20-15 07:59 PM, in LövePotion - LÖVE API for 3DS Homebrew - BETA Link | #757
Posted by Quiet
Will this be able to launch 3dsx files in the future? I want to make a lock screen that shows up before HBL. I'm making it on my PC first as a proof of concept, and so far it works how I want it to.


The four squares below the padlock's body are buttons that should launch HBL. When one of the four buttons are pressed, the body moves down while fading out, and the shackle moves up while also fading out. On my PC LÖVE closes when alpha is less than or equal to 0. On the 3DS I want it to launch HBL instead.

I'll try and add this in the future :)

Main - Posts by VideahGams

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