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Posted on 10-16-15 03:11 PM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS (rev. 2 of 10-16-15 03:18 PM) Link | #516
Posted by Discostew
For people wondering why blargSNES doesn't seem to work with HomeMenuHax and various others, the word on the street is that it locks up due to the 2nd core not being initialized, as blargSNES is one of the few apps that utilizes it. HomeMenuHax and others like it do not initialize the 2nd core for app use. Thankfully, until this is fixed (which is not on blargSNES's end), you can initialize it yourself by running an existing app, like the Music Player. Here are the steps to get it working through HomeMenuHax.

- Boot system as normal (no loading of HomeMenuHax just yet)
- Launch the Music Player app (this app will initialize the 2nd core)
- After it is loaded, press the power button once to be notified the software was closed.
- Press the Home button to return to the Home Menu
- Hold L as it is loading back the Home Menu to launch HomeMenuHax
- Go about your business from there

Please PLEASE continue to spread this news all over the Reddit threads regarding the recent panic about TubeHax being patched. I was pretty distraught until I came across this post!

EDIT: Sadly, I'm still not able to get it working with this method however. The Music Player app ("Nintendo 3DS Sound" or am I missing something?) doesn't seem to fix the core initializing issue, neither does running YouTube (still without the update) and then continuing these steps.

Main - Posts by DarkYuan

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