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Posted on 11-15-15 08:23 AM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS Link | #725
Posted by JulianDN
Hello, I don't understand where to put the files from the 1.3b version. Could anyone explain this to me?

As far as I know, the .3dsx file in the 1.3b zip only works with Ninjhax. So if you aren't using Ninjhax you cannot use 1.3b.

Which brings me to this thread. Please add a .cia to the zip for 1.3b.
Regardless, keep up the great work. Although the sound becomes sluggish at times, it looks really good with 1:1 ratio & a custom border.

Posted on 11-17-15 10:20 AM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS Link | #739
Posted by TecXero
From my understanding, 1.3b is just a minor fix for the newer versions of Ninjhax, since 1.3 didn't work properly under newer Ninjhax versions. Nothing else has been changed as far as I know.

If that's the case, my mistake. I thought there were more changes than just a fix relating to NinjHax.

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