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Posted on 01-11-16 08:17 PM, in The introductions thread Link | #875
Hello everybody. This forum looks pretty cool, so I just decided to drop in and register. Can't wait to see what you guys do on here. :)

Posted on 01-11-16 08:37 PM, in Possible board merge Link | #876
/sorry about the bump

I vote yes. I don't really see the purpose of a separate board. One megaboard could fit all, just create another "board" on Kuribo64 (like the SMG2.5 Archive "board"). Plus, if you want this place to get some activity, why didn't you include a link to 4dsdev on the Kuribo64 homepage? I mean, that way some people can actually see this forum. I had to search up site:http://kuribo64.net on google to find this place even.

More serious? Well, just enforce the rules more. On the bigger forums there usually is a forum for "serious chat". More moderation would definitely be the answer to this question.

Kuribo64 focuses on... Well, just make a separate board, or category on K64. Not a forum though, as that'll be pretty disorganized.

Merge logistics? I don't know what that is but maybe just port the SQL data over to a "board" at Kuribo64. Best solution.

Main - Posts by Skiaak

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