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Posted on 03-02-16 04:41 PM, in IRC servers / moving #3dsdev? Link | #961
What about a bot in each channel that cross-posts messages from the other channel on the other network? That way it wouldn't matter which of the two channels/networks you happened to be on.

Posted on 03-02-16 04:49 PM, in IRC servers / moving #3dsdev? Link | #964
Posted by StapleButter
this sounds like more trouble than it's worth, honestly

It's the only thing I can think of that would allow for a transition to a better network without requiring everyone on one network to transition to the other.

Posted by profi200
What if the bot is down half the time or can't redirect everything because the network is splitted again? Welcome to EFnet.

Bot would have to be hosted by someone with reliable internet. As far as the netsplits... well, you could choose whichever link is most reliable (if there is one), but worst case, everyone on the new network would still be in communication with everyone on whichever link the EFnet bot is on still. So there would be fewer people isolated than with the current case.

Main - Posts by twocows

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