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Posted on 12-28-14 08:09 PM, in Guess the Number V1.1 Link | #74

Today it's my turn to present a homebrew game: Guess the Number.

The goal if this game is simple: you try to guess a number between 1 and 1k right. The only hint for the right guess is "more" or "less".

-Functional keyboard
-Full GUI
-Avaible in two Languages (EN/GER)
-Saves the Highscore
-Discovers the system language (thanks to profi200)

-Guess the Number V1.1 (Mirror)

Posted on 12-28-14 08:13 PM, in How to run homebrew on your 3DS Link | #75
There are some faults:
-NINJHAX works from 4.0.0-7 to 9.2.0-20.
-GW currently only works from 4.1.0-4.5.0 and we do not know when it changes.
-MT-Card supports 3DS mode homebrew (CIA and 3DS) too and I don't know about R4i Gold, Orange 3DS and 3DSLink.

Posted on 12-28-14 08:14 PM, in How to build homebrew for the 3DS Link | #76
Thank you. This helped me building "Guess the Number" for the Gateway.

Posted on 02-19-15 01:23 PM, in So what are we providing with devkitARM for shaders? (rev. 2 of 02-19-15 01:25 PM) Link | #90
I think that the "general noobish homebrew developer" needs some good samples for the assemblers: how to display images, backgrounds, (custom) fonts and 3d graphics well organized at one place. At least that's what I would want to start using the GPU.

A good documentation would probably be usefull, too.

Posted on 03-02-15 09:53 AM, in Help RE Boot 9.2 FW Link | #96
Your best bet is to reverse gateway's code.

Posted on 03-08-15 05:02 AM, in 3DS Shader Tools - nihstro Link | #110
Could you please add some samples like how to display backgrounds (if that's possible) and how to texture triangles?

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