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Posted on 08-20-16 03:42 AM, in Hey everyone! Link | #1067

just wanted to say hello to everyone, I just registred here yesterday! In the past I did a lot of GameBoy, GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS stuff and currently I write a GBA emulator but I want to learn about the (n)3DS architecture in the future.

Kind Regards,

Posted on 08-20-16 09:29 AM, in Hey everyone! Link | #1069
Thanks! I tried that once but my code is way too slow for now :P Have to do way more optimizations. But doing a proper port is definitly on my TODO list. Maybe dynamic recompilation could help with performance, the 3DS should have enough RAM for that right?

Posted on 08-20-16 09:57 AM, in Hey everyone! Link | #1071
Hmm too bad. Maybe try a "Threaded/Cached" interpreter then. Anyway, priority for now is to complete the core emulation. Working on AlphaBlending right now:



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