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Posted on 09-14-16 02:29 PM, in Get BOOTROM/Key Scrambler? (rev. 4 of 09-14-16 08:22 PM) Link | #1095
That's interesting. If you manage something out of that I may actually get a DSi at some point. As for what ahezard said, yeah a lot of low level stuff we can now do on 3DS courtasy of modified TWL_FIRM environment. You simply enable bit31 of 0x1b8 in the DSi Extended header of a custom homebrew SRL to keep scfg unlocked for arm7 in DSi mode.

So these are the things we've managed to do with that:


Of coarse things will be different on DSi. Would be fun to see how these projects behave on a DSi.

Sounds like you are working on trying to run code on a DSi before it's had a chance to launch boot2/Retail Launcher?

I can imagine you'd run into problems. I tried a similar thing replacing dev launcher in TWL_FIRM with hbmenu and get a GURU exception. (so it sorta booted but crashed)

Somethings are definitely not setup right. Maybe your work here may allow custom dev launcher for TWL_FIRM too by coincedence. Been trying to get retail launcher running on 3DS. Almost there. Got valid tickets and system apps installed to TWLN and DSi System Settings can finish a system update sequence now. But Retail Launcher hangs on white screen if I attempt to boot it. (it seems to fail very early on as it doesn't even get a chance to write to the log file on TWLN)

It probably won't boot unless it somehow boots inplace of dev launcher and to do that I'd have to either replace dev launcher with it (which is impossible because there's not enough ram reserved for it in FCRAM to jam retail launcher there in it's current configuration without a major rewrite of low level stuff in TWL_FIRM) or run some kind of custom loader in place of Dev launcher to boot it from SD/NAND.

Maybe replacing boot2/bootloader with DSi one would be the more feasible route. But now I'm dragging this off topic with things I may never get to finishing. :P

Maybe you can try and make something that runs in dev launcher place and use it on DSi for what you ar doing here. I'm thinking the environment is similar enough at this early bootstage of TWL_FIRM that what you do there can be used on DSi pre launcher environment. But what you are doing seems to occur even before boot2 starts because it looks like your trying to get at the bootroms.... :P

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