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Posted on 06-22-15 02:57 AM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS Link | #227
Posted by profi200
I bet it's because of libhax because it doesn't work on 9.8.
There should be an extra check to make sure libhax never runs for firmwares >9.2.

It doesn't: https://github.com/Myriachan/libkhax/blob/master/khaxinit.cpp#L1050

Posted on 06-22-15 01:02 PM, in Using Brahma as a library / loader (rev. 2 of 06-22-15 01:06 PM) Link | #230
consoleInit changes the screen format to RGB565, and the payload uses RGB8, so that could be an issue. I don't know why it would affect the top screen though, since it's only being initialized for the bottom screen.

Whether or not it's the cause, you can probably get rid of it since you aren't using the console.

Posted on 06-30-15 04:48 PM, in CakeHax - Open Source ARM9 loader Link | #239
Pretty neat, although I feel like a universal payload launcher would be a better idea than a template for various projects to inject into. Like the homebrew launcher, but for ARM9. Would avoid .dat naming conflicts and make entrypoint compatibility easier.

Posted on 11-01-15 11:59 AM, in braindump prerelease - dump game contents on any system version! Link | #643
Posted by Yoshi
Would be nice if there was some kind of database of all dumped files of every region, although these files are quite big heh....
I can dump a few games of EU region, I'd love to play them in JP if there are any dumped ones. (or does ROM work too in a fancy way?)

I wonder if it's acceptable for speedrunning (ROM hacks are accepted if they're good, should be different though)

Pretty sure distributing the dumped files would not be legal.

Posted on 01-21-16 12:46 AM, in Reading NDS save files (pxi:dev 0x000D0688) Link | #893
Just documented the basic command layout and functionality of that command, hope it helps.


Posted on 01-21-16 06:45 PM, in Reading NDS save files (pxi:dev 0x000D0688) Link | #896
If you mean on the wiki page, none of them are missing there.

Posted on 01-23-16 11:14 PM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS Link | #908
Posted by Cruel
Yeah, you'll need to reset some GPU stuff on apt resume. You could perhaps use sf2d as a simple example:


EDIT: afaik, it's mainly the shader that needs to be reset.

IIRC it's the *entire* GPU state that needs to be reset, since the home menu had to set up its own GPU state over yours.

Main - Posts by Steveice10

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