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Posted on 11-05-15 11:26 PM, in DrawAttack - Networked drawing game (rev. 4 of 11-16-15 06:18 PM) Link | #691
A game like Pictionary where a player is selected to be a drawer and given a word to draw. Everyone else needs to guess what it is. There are plans to perhaps add more features like "powerups," additional drawing modes, leaderboard, and such.

Downloads: 3DSX and CIA

It's pretty simple to run your own server too, just need a word list file. Will have a centralized server list probably on the github (if I can get https supported) if people want to add their own servers. Then you can foreign language servers, or themed servers (e.g. only videogame words, movie titles, etc.)



Posted on 11-16-15 06:18 PM, in DrawAttack - Networked drawing game Link | #731
DrawAttack 1.1 released.


Added server list fetching, color selector, and chat log (press X to view).

Added German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch translations.

Posted on 01-23-16 10:27 PM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS (rev. 3 of 04-24-16 04:38 PM) Link | #905
Run this to dump dsp binary to right location.


Posted on 01-23-16 10:52 PM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS (rev. 2 of 01-23-16 10:54 PM) Link | #907
Posted by Discostew
Now to examine the visual problem when someone using the CIA build suspends the app to get to the Home menu and returns. It's rather interesting to see the Chrono Trigger demo thing that plays with it gone all white, as BGs still show up somewhat.

Yeah, you'll need to reset some GPU stuff on apt resume. You could perhaps use sf2d as a simple example:


EDIT: afaik, it's mainly the shader that needs to be reset.

Posted on 03-04-16 05:27 PM, in BrewMan - homebrew browser and installer (rev. 3 of 03-04-16 05:44 PM) Link | #970


Still a bit buggy, but core features:

- Homebrew repository hosted on Github so there is little chance of the app dying in the future
- HTTPS support, handles SSL encryption so hosted files can be on Github releases (or elsewhere)
- Supports archive formats for extraction/installation: *.tar.(xz|bz2|gz) *.zip *.rar *.7z
- Github repository has PR whitelist so that homebrew authors can modify their own app and instantly have it merged to make updates easier to distribute
- Nice UI
- Managable download queue
- Up to 5 screenshots so users can see before downloading

Known bugs atm:

- If you start without wifi enabled, it will be caught in an infinite loop and not close like it's supposed to. (I'm putting in an off-line mode in next update)
- If you turn off wifi while using it, there are a few issues I didn't test for originally. For example, it will cache empty screenshots and not fetch them again when wifi is enabled. Other cases (like turning off wifi in the middle of a download) I didn't test for, I imagine there are more issues.
- 3dsx booting isn't complete, fails to make use of xml descriptors I believe
- There are no restrictions on downloads queue, you can easily add many download threads and freeze it up.

Posted on 03-04-16 05:42 PM, in BrewMan - homebrew browser and installer (rev. 2 of 03-04-16 05:42 PM) Link | #972
Adding to OP.

Posted on 03-04-16 06:59 PM, in BrewMan - homebrew browser and installer Link | #974
Posted by profi200
Works good. Only thing i noticed is the download speed is like wtf. Got only 60 KB/s max. Or at least that's what it says. All downloads finished pretty fast. Initial downloading of the database took 1-2 minutes.

Yeah lol I usually get 140kb/s max, it uses raw sockets and I can tinker with buffer sizes and threading but I'm not sure what else to do to improve it. I'll see what I can do. I'll also have to try HTTPC, not sure it that's faster for some reason.

I just enabled n3ds speedup which will probably improve archive extraction for n3ds users, and I already changed the method of fetching the git repo changes to minimize the delay when initially fetching it and when getting latest changes, but still doing some benchmarking.

Thanks for testing.

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