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Posted on 11-01-15 04:55 AM Link | #635

Death Sentence is a short story about a writer that would create texts to alleviate his pain. Once dead, however, he finds that he cannot ease his suffering, as the paper no longer accepts his emotions. Screenshots are available for viewing below. The ROM is available for keeping beneath the screenshots.


Click here to download.

Posted on 11-02-15 12:17 PM Link | #653

Seriously, though. It looks nice, but it's way too short. I think if you add some music and graphics, write more, you could end up with a pretty cool visual novella.

Posted on 11-06-15 06:44 PM Link | #692
It is pretty short and simplistic. I built it from the ground up two weeks before release since I suddenly felt the desire to make something for Halloween. I have similar projects floating around the internet that I haven't touched in a long while. Those were meant to be series but time hasn't been in my favor. I'll likely re-release them to a newer platform with the improvements that you've suggested later on. Cheers.

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