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Posted on 12-04-15 08:42 AM (rev. 4 of 12-04-15 09:33 AM) Link | #808
I've heard that 1.21GB isn't restorable via NAND Dumps. Even i don't know if that's real or not..
This is just a question and conception so If I've said something wrong, point it out please, thanks.
If the "not restorable" is totally a hoax, thanks very much for inform me that. (Very glad to hear)
UPDATE: I've heard from someone that the 1.21GB NAND can be restored, just most shops don't want to help them. (Feeling good)

All i know about the NAND chip in 3ds:
1.Pinouts Connection for dumping and restoring the NAND dump access it like a SD/MMC. Normal NAND connection would be at least 8+3 pins, counting its I/O pins.
2.The size of the NAND dump is much smaller than the NAND chip size itself, especially for N3DS.
3.A bare NAND can not be accessed (W) via FAT filesystems without data loss unless a FTL is implemented. Cause FAT is designed for Block Device not NAND.
4.FTL implementation consumes page OOBs or pages outside the mounted size as algorithm usage.
5.The dump and xorpad are generated not the same time, but it can be decrypted correctly. Yes maybe just for most dumps (at least my O3DS can be restored with GW method, and yes it should be restorable via hardmod).

And my notes:
1.There is a NAND FTL implemention in 3ds hardware level (Oops. Or bootrom.), and the current pinout connections R/W nand through it.
2.The NAND chip must contains its page translations or block/hybrid ones in its chip. For N3DS, not all the space is used/translated.
But if pages inside dump is in a same order (such as those of O3DS, all pages in the dump are translated) of that it is read or written, then the restoration would not break the translation, otherwise (ie, dump of incomplete read/write and pages are not translated) it would result a brick.
3.If NAND chip is connected without FTL, and accessed as a bare NAND chip the dump size should be exactly the size of chip, counting all bad blocks inside.

So the conclusion:
The image we can get from 3ds may be incomplete (including GW dumps), contains no translation tables.
If the NAND dump isn't a translated result this would cause it not restorable with those incomplete dumps.

If a direct connection to NAND pinouts could be performed, the chips should always be restorable (except damaged or huge bad blocks).
However it might be done in a more complex way (needs special device to R/W the bare chip).

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