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Posted on 01-20-16 12:00 PM Link | #891
PokéTransporter uses pxi:dev 0x000D0688 to read/write to NDS save files.

However this function have no less than 33 args, and I can't find its backend implementation (which should be more or less documented by savegame-manager).

I know I can just RE PokéTransporter, but I'd prefer to know how this function exactly works.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated ;).

Posted on 01-21-16 05:46 AM Link | #893
Just documented the basic command layout and functionality of that command, hope it helps.


Posted on 01-21-16 11:48 AM (rev. 3 of 01-21-16 09:31 PM) Link | #895
Wow, this is just amazing :D.

This will definitely help when I'm on my computer this evening.

Edit: Started looking at the function. One argument seems to be missing.

Posted on 01-21-16 11:45 PM Link | #896
If you mean on the wiki page, none of them are missing there.

Posted on 01-22-16 09:56 PM (rev. 2 of 01-22-16 10:34 PM) Link | #897
Yeah, sorry, it just seems that the function sending the sync. request has unused parameters.

EDIT: no, it's just ida having problems with the calling conventions, since I've labeled each of its stack variables/params.

Posted on 01-28-16 09:24 PM (rev. 2 of 01-29-16 08:14 PM) Link | #922
I've managed to get things working (https://github.com/TuxSH/TWLSaveTool/blob/master/source/SPI.cpp) , except for a few things:

* Chips whose JEDEC ID is 0x204013 seem to reject every single PW or SE command, even though WEL=1. This chip is sometimes used for example for Zelda:PH, Pokémon Black2 (maybe the chip used is not the same for everyone, but I doubt it). In fact, even after WEL to 1, it reverts back to 0.

* 512-byte EEPROM chips seem to get stuck in an endless loop waiting for WEL to be 1.

Any idea why?

Main - Reverse-engineering - Reading NDS save files (pxi:dev 0x000D0688) Hide post layouts | New reply

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