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Posted on 05-25-16 08:02 PM (rev. 2 of 05-25-16 08:06 PM) Link | #1036
Another update, no$gba v2.8d...

This version supports DSi games and system files with unencrypted "rsa" signatures (done by hooking the rsa bios functions). This should be very useful for developing & testing DSi stuff without knowing Nintendo's private key.

And, SD Cards are now emulated, too. The no$gba package includes a blank 128MByte SD Card image ready for use (if you want to use it: please unzip the "dsi-sd.zip" file). This should be also very useful for developing and testing anything that accesses the external SD Card slot.

http://problemkaputt.de/gba.htm - no$gba homepage
http://problemkaputt.de/magicflr.htm - sample for a homebrew DSi cartridge with working/unencrypted signature

26 May 2016 - version 2.8d
- dsi/rsa: supports unencrypted "rsa" signatures (via hooked RSA swi functions)
- dsi/sdmmc: supports NDMA sdmmc start condition (for SD data32 read/write)
- dsi/sdmmc: supports SD card initialization (CMD0,2,3,7,8,9, ACMD6,13,41,42,51)
- dsi/sdmmc: created/included empty sd-card-image (file dsi-1.sd, in dsi-sd.zip)
- dsi/sdmmc: fixed irq-retriggering (recurse irq_stat on irq_mask changes)
- dsi/sdmmc: adjusts insert/eject and write-protect flags depending on dsi-#.sd
- dsi/sdmmc: prevents RXRDY in DATA32 mode (@@skip_rxrdy_in_data32_mode)
- dsi/help: added notes on EMPTY sd-image (dsi-#.sd) (DSi SD/MMC Images chapter)
- dsi/help: added notes unencrypted signatures (see BIOS RSA Functions chapter)
- dsi/help: added notes on encrypted twl-*.der files (in "verdata" NARC file)
- dsi/help: added CRC32 checksums for currently known/dump-able DSi-BIOS areas
- dsi/debug: shows insternal sd/mmc registers in iomap screen (cid,csd,csr,src)
- sample: updated magic floor gba/nds version, now with working dsi cart header

Posted on 05-26-16 07:38 AM (rev. 2 of 05-26-16 07:39 AM) Link | #1037
The a.exe a.ini Memory.dll "Noise Reducer", Works on no$gba v2.8d!, but at random at trying close down and resetting, it will kick in.

Thanks for the new update nocash and keep up the good work you have done to you're good emulator :) !
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Main - Reverse-engineering - no$gba v2.8c update - with more DSi emulation and DSi specs New reply

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