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Posted on 02-23-19 10:22 AM Link | #1164
I have started looking into 3DS hardware specs last week, at the moment I am still learning about what is already known and I am still trying to figure out how to write & execute a program that displays "hello" on the 3DS screen... and if I get that working then I could start doing actual rev-engineering about bits and registers, and perhaps contribute some still unknown details.

I don't know if anybody is still reading 4dsdev - and it doesn't seem to be possible to create new accounts here anymore - so I am posting more questions & findings on nesdev:
It would be really nice if somebody could help me on getting started, and answer some basic questions here and there!

And maybe also some more specific expert questions like "what the heck is a CGC?" (in such cases, I would be glad even if somebody could just confirm that it's still unknown what "CGC" means).

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