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Posted on 09-08-15 03:53 PM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS Link | #397
a few interesting tidbits i am picking up as a play some games on my O3DSXL using blargsnes 1.3 via tubehax:

1) Secret of Mana plays nearly flawlessly, with only two errors I can spot so far - the text window color always remains an ugly yellow, and the border changes from thick black to normal on a regular basis. The other bug is more amusing and helpful - anytime something is bought or sold at a shop, the GP it costs or sells for is not added or subtracted from your total. Instead, the number randomly changes to something else. Sometimes 1000GP changes to 4041GP, sometimes Neko's Faerie Walnuts only cost 10GP (but it won't let you buy it without 1000!). I'm looking for some sort of pattern, but can't seem to find any.

2) "Sleep" mode. I know a lot ofpeople say it doesn't work on games and crashes the system. When playing Sim City, I can open and close the game as I please. The screen will shut off, but the game itself will keep running (I went from 1910 to 2075 without even realizing, whoops!). Secret of Mana does the same, but if I pause the game with the touch screen I can close the system and it will still function when I open it again.

3) Battery life on the O3DS playing blargSNES is atrocious...2 hours of Secret of Mana play and my flashing battery light was back on. It's okay anyway, I play in my bed so charge away.

4) If the game loads, there won't be any slowdown. Super Metroid, Sim City, Secret of Mana (Variable Width Font Patch applied), and Radical Dreamers (translated) all run at a beautiful framrate with no slowdown whatsoever, even on O3DS. Woohoo!

Overall I'm really appreciative and excited about the progress this homebrew has made so far. Mega props to the devs for finally letting me play (some) of the snes games I've been itching to replay. I'm not sure how much help I can offer, but I am always willing to test ROMs for hours on end. I'm not a developer, but I support support! LOL Thanks again y'all.

Posted on 09-08-15 08:48 PM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS (rev. 2 of 09-08-15 09:34 PM) Link | #399
Wow, thanks for the quick reply Discostew!

Do you think if I turned off Hardware Mode I'd have better results for the text window? I will try this in a few moments once I'm back at my 3DS.

The GP thing is really weird, yeah. It's been beneficial to me for the most part, but there were one or two times where my total actually DECREASED from selling items. I made up for it by buying and selling a bunch of candy until I got a decent GP number. Felt a bit cheap but OH WELL rake in that dough!

My sleep mode comment was actually more of me being surprised at being able to close the 3DS without crashing. Anytime I closed the system on blargSNES1.2, it would crash system-wide. Some games still crash. Sim City never does, and Secret of Mana only stays running if I pause the emulator first. Still helpful to save some battery by getting that screen off for a bit without having to reload tubehax!

Can't wait to see what comes in the future, 3ds homebrew is looking promising! :) :)

edit: sure enough, secret of mana in software mode fixes the text box color issue. however, the game runs at about 65% of the speed as before, so i'll deal with the textbox colors. i bet it runs perfectly on the N3DS!....'cept for that weird GP stuff.

Posted on 09-12-15 03:51 PM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS Link | #403

I'm pretty sure he's on an o3ds, I'm on it too and I getthe sound artifacts on every game, regardless of title. It's really not too much of an issue, sometimes a sound will hang for an extra second.

Also new Secret of Mana bug - just got Flammie, but once I rise to the world map the map itself is constantly glitching back and forth. The directions on the top of the screen stay the same. Happens in either Hardware of Software mode. If you press L to change to above view while flying the problem disappears. Pretty difficult to navigate around like that, it's potentially game breaking!

Posted on 09-12-15 08:09 PM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS (rev. 3 of 09-12-15 08:14 PM) Link | #405
Posted by Discostew
they used to have people manually assign the timing from the command line when launching the emulator on Windows to work around it.

So would there be a way to edit a file somewhere before I open blargSNES, or does that fall under hacks?

edit: this is from a post on snes9x.com about it, from the Secret of Mana Heavy Mode7 bug thread:

"Until the next version is released you can start snes9x with "-hdmatiming 84" and it should no longer flicker. Note that any savestates made without the command line switch will still flicker with the switch present."

edit edit: ah, reading back through the old blargsnes thread on gbatemp i found more info about the hdma timing from your discussions with staplebutter, and it actually clarified a lot. :)

Posted on 09-18-15 07:53 PM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS Link | #420
Better off just using the .3dsx file.

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