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Posted on 11-16-15 07:48 AM, in Accessing someone else's digital copy gamedata? +injecting? Link | #728
Can't seem to find an answer to this specific question no matter how much I used my google-fu. So I thought to see if I can ask the experts on this question. I was able to install OoThax while my 3DS is updared to 10.3.*etc. firmware. I can of course use SVTD to access my Cartridge Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and back up it's files, edit the edit, inject it back in, and so on.

A friend of mine owns only the Digital copy and has no way to install any of the hax for Homebrew. Is it possible for me to somehow access her game files through my own homebrew if she sent me her game's storage folders from her SD card and put it onto mine? And if so will I able to back up/dump the encrypted save files and inject them back in and still be playable on her 3DS once sent back and replaced?

Posted on 11-16-15 05:48 PM, in Accessing someone else's digital copy gamedata? +injecting? Link | #730
I see, I did read about Digital games and having unique headers. I didnt know exactly how homebrew or SVDT behaved with these sorts of things so I was just wondering if it would bypass headers when trying to access the gamedata through the homebrew. The problem with trying to install things into her system is that she isn't a local friend, and we're not exactly desperate enough to literally ship her 3DS over here or my Powersaves over there just for this, hehe.

Posted on 11-17-15 10:34 PM, in Accessing someone else's digital copy gamedata? +injecting? Link | #741
Eh, I'll see if I can figure out a way to test this until we get a hardcore, definite yes or no from anyone who knows this thing inside-out lol.

Main - Posts by Dazreiello

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