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Posted on 01-07-16 01:28 PM, in How Does Version Spoofing Work? Link | #860
I means the kernel version check. Don't know if he would like to know it for patching the firmware or to patching the applications itself.

Posted on 02-04-16 08:28 AM, in [Question]Reserve memory for arm9 (rev. 2 of 02-04-16 08:29 AM) Link | #928
I would like to ask if somebody know if its possible to reserve FCRAM memory for use in arm9 threads(maybe in the base region). If its possible, would it be possible to load a binary to this memory, and start a new thread using the loaded binary?
I ask this, because the arm9 thread binary size is very limited in most cfws, and with the possibility to load a bigger binary, it would be possible to do clean patching of processes like mset and menu using svcBackdoor.

Posted on 02-04-16 11:36 AM, in [Question]Reserve memory for arm9 (rev. 3 of 02-04-16 11:38 AM) Link | #930
Checking the running processes requires some code, which is not that easy to minimize. Also its hard to add more than one bigger feature to the thread. Im using reinand as base.
If its not possible, I will try other things, but I think checking the running processes to only patch ver in mset for example is much cleaner patching.

Posted on 02-04-16 11:48 AM, in [Question]Reserve memory for arm9 Link | #932
Posted by Dazzozo
How about: don't check for running processes on ARM9 at all? You guys know the ARM11 exists, right?

I know, but there are not that many open source cfws with arm11 and 9.6+ support.
Also I think its still interessting to know, if its possible to do something like this. I also know there are other ways, but for I don't have the time (or the experience) to fully reverse engineer stuff at the moment.

Posted on 02-10-16 02:20 PM, in [Question]Reserve memory for arm9 Link | #940
Posted by gudenau
Doesn't rxTools have some ARM11 stuff?

Yes, but they have added the support for 9.6 yesterday, so I could not have used it for testing and experimenting, without downgrading my emunand. Also not every feature feature is available on n3DS, so I doesn't know if they have a arm11 thread on new 3DS.

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