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Posted on 12-06-15 09:02 PM, in What is this file's format? (rev. 4 of 12-06-15 09:21 PM) Link | #811

Someone found this file (.plugin extension) , where there is supposedly interesting stuff. Most of the file's contents are encrypted, and I don't know how to decrypt it (the decryption process is probably related to the dev keys, which I have).

Posted on 12-06-15 09:26 PM, in What is this file's format? Link | #816
Yeah sorry, someone who wants to stay anon., got this file I-don't-know-where, and had no clue about it either. Thus the "I".

Anyways there were another file that came with it, a .debugger file, containing some function-name-related symbols, such as "update_firmware()", "note_new()", "//DevMenuCTR"

Posted on 12-06-15 09:42 PM, in What is this file's format? Link | #818

Posted on 12-06-15 09:53 PM, in What is this file's format? Link | #820
Posted by plutoo
Looks like it contains some form of bytecode, maybe Lua or something. Edit: Or maybe it's just some encryption throwing me off.

I believe there is too few zeroes for it to be bytecode. Moreover, I think signature-like data is located just after "PROCESS" (compare UiT.plugin with UiT (1).plugin; the encrypted data is EXACTLY the same between the two files, but the signature is totally different due to a modification in the header)

Main - Posts by Mikle0x

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