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Posted on 02-21-16 02:48 PM, in Is it possible to use the GPU from the sys core thread? Link | #945
Hi all, first time posting here, just registered. Been reading the existing posts for a few weeks, though.

Anyways, I am trying to access the GPU from a thread running on the sys core, but I keep failing. I have tried with some of the devkitpro demos, and when those failed I tried using blargGL, but that also fails. The same program that works fine when calling the GPU stuff 'normally', just generates a black screen (and usually a hang) when I move the graphics stuff to the thread that runs on the sys core. I have tried both moving only the scene rendering, and moving everything including gfxInitDefault() to the sys core thread.

Is there some technical reason why this would fail, is the problem in my code, or is the probable cause something in between (the devkit does not support such, but it could be made to work)?



Posted on 02-21-16 04:01 PM, in Is it possible to use the GPU from the sys core thread? Link | #948
Thanks for the quick replies! Yeah, I have tried both moving the VBlank stuff and without moving it, both ways fail.

I have noticed that ctrulib handles all those wait methods by generating a new thread that polls the shared memory, and I suspect this may be part of the problem. I believe the polling thread is always created on the main CPU. But even when I am not waiting for anything in the sys core thread, I still get no output from the GPU.


Main - Posts by Pate

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