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Posted on 07-25-16 12:37 PM, in Questions? and Private Update Server (rev. 3 of 07-25-16 01:10 PM) Link | #1054
I think the thread is abandoned, but it has some interesting ideas.

I used fiddler2 in proxy mode, and I analyzed the traffic during the firmware update.
Obviously now (and probably forever) it is impossible to analyze the traffic in SSL/TSL.

Basically I was able to replace the url with the update files with versions of the same update downloaded from 3dnus. The 3DS don't see any difference, and download all update files from my PC.
So i try to modify an update patckage switching the original native_firm 11.0.0 to original native_firm 10.4.0, but the update stop.

Currently you can then only 'save bandwidth' downloading from your PC the update files. But if it were possible to use the raw response (therefore not editable) of the update server, it would be possible to create a totally offline 11.0.0-33 update.

If we can force the 3ds to use http instead of https and fully emulate the update server (not only with an index.php) we can fix softbrick 3ds with a firmware <= 10.7.0.
ATM I hope there is a way to send a raw (but uneditable) https data for totaly offline 11.0.0 update (and others to come), it could be useful in the future.

Main - Posts by evilpdor

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