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Posted on 03-12-16 07:12 PM (rev. 3 of 03-13-16 07:05 PM) Link | #979
I'm learning how to make 3DS homebrew (I already know a decent amount of C++), and I was wondering where I could find an example/tutorial on displaying 3D models/2D images.

The non-text graphical examples that come with ctrulib, portal3DS, 3DSCraft, and yeti3DS don't build because they are meant for old versions of ctrulib, and I want my homebrew to be able to be compiled with the latest version.

I've looked at ctrQuake and this homebrew tutorial, but the former isn't finished (and outdated), and I don't understand any of the latter.

Does anyone any good source code examples/documentation/whatever?

EDIT: Whoops, I was using the wrong examples :P

For future reference, the examples are here.

Kuribo64 | NSMBHD | Twitter

Main - Getting started - Graphics Examples? New reply

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