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Posted on 07-05-18 11:23 PM Link | #1162
Ok we worked around the secure area by just loading arm9 to a higher ram address and moving it back to 0x2000800 and having arm9 jump to it. I just compile a simple bootstub that does this for me using existing code Fix94 made for me some time back. (originally meant for moving arm7 code before starting it for using old homebrew as DSiWare on 3DS. But this works for a similar purpose on arm9. :D ) I don't know why I didn't think to just do this when Unlaunch 0.9 first came out, but now that I have my DSi XL back, that idea came back to me. :P

So I suppose for now you don't really need to do anything now unless you decide to fix booting Launcher SRL as bootcode.dsi. That would get rid of the need to use HiyaCFW's launcher entirely. But for now I have a solution for booting HiyaCFW in a way that doesn't break auto booting into things with Launcher. I confirmed if I load arm9 to a higher address, Unlaunch doesn't touch the first part of 0x2000000 at all so soft reset data isn't destroyed. :D

Posted on 07-24-18 07:14 PM Link | #1163
Released unlaunch v1.0, and, moved to yet another forum:
http://forums.nesdev.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=17581 (see there for details).
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Main - Reverse-engineering - Unlaunch.dsi released - DSi bootcode hack New reply

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