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Posted on 06-07-15 03:16 PM (rev. 2 of 06-07-15 03:18 PM) Link | #181
Ever wanted to backup your 3DS games for usage with Citra, but didn't feel like resorting to piracy-oriented solutions like Gateway? Looking for a less painful way to decrypt game dumps, which doesn't require a gazillion of different tools? Wait no longer, here's uncart!

uncart is a tool for dumping 3DS game cartridges that I have been working on with a number of other people over the past few weeks. It will dump any 3DS game cartridge to the SD card, from which you can transfer it to your computer (by just switching the SD card, or by transferring it over FTP using ftbrony)

uncart is open-source and available at GitHub, so you can look at the source code and suggest improvements via pull requests. If you happen to use any uncart code in your projects, make sure to follow the terms of the GPLv2 appropriately. Please take this seriously instead of giving us reasons to keep future work closed!

- Run Brahma to get control over the ARM9 core
- Load uncart into it and follow the instructions

Credits go to:
- archshift: Code cleanups, and general polishing of my PoC dumper
- Lioncash: Code cleanups
- me: Getting the project started, on-the-fly decryption
- Normmatt: providing the core dumping code and doing tons of reverse-engineering work
- yuriks: compatibility enhancements

NOTE: auto-decryption is still pending review, but should be merged into the main builds soon (tm). For the time being, you can build PR #7 manually.

Posted on 06-08-15 04:38 AM Link | #186
Nice work! Thank you very much.

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Main - Homebrew projects - uncart -- dumping decrypted 3DS game cartridges Hide post layouts | New reply

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