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Posted on 06-12-15 09:37 PM Link | #209
I spent this week trying to get Rust code running on a 3DS, and it's been mostly successful.

Basically, you just need to tell rustc/cargo to use a particular llvm target, linker and archiver to build any package that doesn't depend on libstd. If you want libstd support, you need system-specific implementation of some of its functionality. But, libcore provides a platform-independent subset of libstd, which is what is used in my ctrulib binding, ctru-rs. It's heavily incomplete but exposes a large number of functions via a raw submodule, and has a few basic idiomatic wrappers around things.

Unfortunately, LLVM still emits calls to compiler-rt symbols, so I am working on a solution for that at the moment. I figured that it might interest those who come to this forum.

A sample project I am working on can be found here..

Posted on 06-13-15 09:17 PM Link | #210
Nice :) More options for homebrew development can't hurt.

Posted on 06-23-15 03:09 PM Link | #236
Does anyone know how to cross-compile compiler-rt, the llvm companion library that provides implementations of instructions not available on each platform? The documentation for llvm is so piss poor I can't find how to build just for the host platform, let alone cross compile.

Posted on 09-17-15 09:51 PM (rev. 2 of 09-17-15 11:20 PM) Link | #419
New project template: https://github.com/Furyhunter/rust3ds-template

Everything works. Follow the instructions to set up your environment. Everything _except_ libstd works. You get: core, collections, rustc_unicode, alloc, so basically everything important from libstd except threads and unwinding support.

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