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Posted on 02-19-15 11:07 AM Link | #88
The original idea behind this board was to create something akin to the Wiibrew forums. A place that can foster a nice homebrew community.

Most of the community is at GBAtemp or on IRC though, so there isn't much incentive for people to come here. Building an active community is also not something easy, and definitely not something I can do alone while working on all the other things I want to do.

It isn't a big deal if this doesn't become active, though. It's not like it's entirely useless either. It's a nice place for posting finding dumps, research, technical discussion and all that. I think it complements 3dbrew and the IRC nicely-- the wiki is good for storing documentation but not so much for discussing it (talk pages are bleh), and the IRC is good for discussion but not permanent. The board is a good compromise between the two.

That being said, any discussion related to 3DS homebrew is still welcome here.

Oh well.

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Posted on 08-19-15 09:33 AM Link | #341
I have to wonder how I didn't found about this until now.

I saw it mentioned multiple times on the IRC, but I never figured it was a board.

Well, better late than never.

Posted on 08-22-15 04:43 PM Link | #362
So this means this board should only be about 3DS engineering?

Because imho I really like talking about DS engineering.

Posted on 09-01-15 04:30 PM Link | #395
Some people are already here. The problem is there is not much to discuss here so we would need more threads which attract people. Otherwise it's fine as it is.

Posted on 09-02-15 02:26 AM Link | #396
Well, anyone is welcome to post these threads, really.

Honestly, it takes time and effort to make good tutorials, and it doesn't help when you're alone on that. It doesn't help either when certain people just go "your threads suck but instead of providing constructive criticism I will just call you an idiot and ignore whatever you say".

blargSNES -- SNES emu for 3DS
More cool stuff

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