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Posted on 11-14-15 08:11 PM Link | #717
This may sound like somewhat of a noob question, but I haven't found any way to do this yet, without coding it myself. From looking at the source code, I'm pretty sure Makerom would be capable of it, but there is just no method implemented to actually do it.

So, here's what I want to do:
o Start with a fully decrypted CCI (made from a comercial cartridge, then decrypted via Decrypt9). Signatures are all bad at this point, of course.
o Reencrypt everything (= all contents) with zerokey crypto (already have figured that out, no problem).
o Now, also fix the signatures (target "development keys & certs" in makerom) for each and every content. That's the difficult step.
=> have a fully working (as in manual and all) zerokey encrypted rom for GW

I don't even own a Gateway, just doing this for scientific purposes. In essence, what I'd need is a "zerokey signature fixer". Haven't found anything like that yet, though. The fact that this would only be of any use for GW makes it even less probable something like that exists, too.

Any ideas?

Posted on 11-14-15 08:53 PM (rev. 2 of 11-14-15 09:00 PM) Link | #718
Why would use use a Zero key? For the re-encryption: You can just generate the correct xorpads from decrypted contents.
Just get xorpad of a small file and rebuild it to enlarge its romfs/exefs, and compare this to the one for new file. The begining would be the same.
Also there is Zero Key fix, I used that to fix the sh*tty ZeroCrypto that stops the usage for CFWs. -- produces no valid signatures, neither.

And, since ZeroKey is now only supported by GW or its fakes.. Unless ZeroKey adjustments are done for CFW, you can have the possibility to run..
However even the signature is valid for a dev unit, it is still invalid for a retail one. So you still need to patch signatures check.

Why you need this? Note: There is leaked contents of dev unit keys and certs..

Posted on 11-15-15 12:26 PM Link | #724
I know about all this :). I'm doing this for (a) scientific purposes and (b) to help GW users use Decrypt9 better.

From the Makerom source code - I know it is doing something with the signatures for the development target. And in fact, it should generate valid signatures (again, for the development target only). GW actually won't run zerokey encrypted stuff if the signature doesn't match (it won't run unencrypted stuff at all, and for other types of crypto bad sigs are okay). Homebrew .3DS are typically zerokey encrypted, so they must also have good signatures.

Main - Homebrew discussion - Rebuilding a (fully decrypted) CCI with already available tools? Hide post layouts | New reply

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