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Posted on 11-21-14 02:38 PM, in Nice initiative! Link | #28
Hello all! This is a good idea. I have been missing a forum like pocketheaven for many years. Hopefully there can be more activity here than it is on ph :)

I didnt got hold of cubic ninja. But i have been around since the gba years so i have no rush. I will get it eventually.

3DS ha very nice resolution to many retro consoles. Almost perfect fit for genesis, virtual boy, cps2, neo geo, pc engine :)

I hope my old favorite coders will try something for the 3ds. Flubba and dwedit, where are you? :)

Happy times!

Posted on 12-18-14 03:34 PM, in You are free to use my music to your hb project! Link | #68
I would like to contribute to the 3ds scene, but i cant code. Did some php, sql, xml etc. But i was really bad at those. So c/ c++ should be much more difficult for me.

So im offering You or anyone you know to use my music to your 3ds hb projects!

Listen here:


There are no copyright on them or anything like that so we can do whatever we want with them.

Contact me if you would like to use a couple of tunes :)


Posted on 05-21-15 10:36 PM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS Link | #139
Cool. This will keep the trolls away, I guess :)

Posted on 05-22-15 07:56 AM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS Link | #143
Posted by Da_GPer
I hope this site stays clean and professional and doesnt fall to the pits full of dumb kids like GBATemp has gone to.

OT: gbatemp has actually always been like that. Atleast since 2004 when I entered the GBA scene ^^ Pocketheaven was the greatest site at that time. Pocketheaven is unfortunately dead nowadays. Hopefully this site can be something like Pocketheaven was 10 years ago =)

Any news on blargSNES?

Are there any notable differences between 3dsx and cia version? I have only played with the 3dsx version. But with Pasta it would be possible to install blargSNES as an CIA..

Thanx for all fantastic work on blargSNES you have done so far <3

Posted on 02-09-16 10:14 PM, in blargSnes -- SNES emulator for the 3DS Link | #934
Has the compatibility increased Last 6 months? I have mainly been using retroarch snes emulation. But I miss the 4:3 scaling option on BlargSNES :)

Main - Posts by Daggdroppen

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