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Posted on 05-24-16 09:02 PM, in no$gba v2.8c update - with more DSi emulation and DSi specs (rev. 7 of 05-25-16 12:58 PM) Link | #1034
Hi guys!

Can anyone help nocash with the annoying sound/cracking issue with certain games only ?, http://ngemu.com/threads/no-gba-v2-8c-released-07-may-2016.183657/#post-2481449

Some sort of noise suppression are Memory.dll sound - maybe ?

No$Gba Noise Remover (Author:?) posted by mateczko
Makes new super mario brothers playable with sound (Maybe it works for other games too)

See a folder in rar archive ^ Only works with "no$gba 2.6a", if you are good!, that I'm NOT xd, Maybe you can edit it for latest version on no$gba ?

a.exe and a.ini - ini translated as

Sleeptime=250 ; It will affect the frequency of the repetition processing. The default value is 250. The unit is milliseconds.
; When something processing time of the iterative process is waiting milliseconds a few minutes was four times to this value.
; Please try to increase the individual value, such as when it becomes heavy because of this tool.
: It might not be well making them too small.

Base=0x0100 ; Is the value you think that the last four digits of the base address. The initial value is 0x0100.
; If not found, if so to find the ultra-appropriate base address and this on the basis of
; I'm sorry in justification by faith, but try to find the address in the other tool, please try to change the value of here which was based on

ResetKey=0x01FB ; Which button to set what should you press when manually reset the sound (← turn off the noise process).
; And on the game you press this button for a while, and then reset the sound unconditionally.
; It is such a generally felt since the last decision of the iterative process because for a while.
; The initial value is L + SELECT at 0x01FB.
; It does not correspond to the X and Y buttons because somehow troublesome.
; I think that somewhere something like correspondence table of the button is listed in

AutoDetect=1 ; When 1 noise handles freely to find a by likely sound riding (unfinished). The initial value is 0.
; How to find is because it is quite aggressive and very poor accuracy, because the extra sound well erroneous detection and treatment failure may become badly
; That time please try over again processing manually or try to turn it off.

ToggleKey=0x02FB ; If you leave for a while pressing the button of the value set here on the game, make the ON · OFF switching of automatic detection.
; Please try to use because it may become a thing terrible at detecting multiple erroneous by the game.
; The initial value is R + SELECT at 0x02FB.

Printf=1 ; It will be quite heavy so funny characters come out a lot and a 1. The initial value is 1.

SkipLevel=65 ; There is a possibility that extra processing also picked up for like a sound effect when a small increase.
; And I may be 0 Apart Nevertheless, part of the game (Toka Soma Bringer), the If you do not put a relatively large value
; Resulting in noise processing number of abnormally large number will increase.
; I think that is good about 65 in the rough game. 127 is the maximum.

FreqCheck=1 ; Initial value'll try to check a frequency appropriate
; Quite the process when set to 1 will increase, but not very effective. It is superfluous become badly

FreqSkipVoice=1 ; The initial value is 1; might skip Maybe you finely divided voice

; Because it does not check against the extreme numerical value when changing the value watch out!

Hope somethink could be done with it since no$gba 2.6a

Thanks guys all best in future!.

PS: my video is in link to view on this issue ^

(post deleted) #1035

Posted on 05-26-16 11:38 AM, in no$gba v2.8c update - with more DSi emulation and DSi specs (rev. 2 of 05-26-16 11:39 AM) Link | #1037
The a.exe a.ini Memory.dll "Noise Reducer", Works on no$gba v2.8d!, but at random at trying close down and resetting, it will kick in.

Thanks for the new update nocash and keep up the good work you have done to you're good emulator :) !

Main - Posts by Jhon591

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