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Posted on 10-12-15 10:46 AM, in [help] Building Smealum's Aperture Science 3DS Link | #493
You're probably using homemenuhax, use the method to launch blargSNES (open a game then press power button then home button and enter homemenuhax) or use another *hax

Posted on 10-12-15 02:56 PM, in [help] Building Smealum's Aperture Science 3DS Link | #495
Posted by Terra_Byte_Tech
I'm not sure how that would change anything. Both hmhax and tubehax utilize basically the same payload.

Anyway, I tried it and all the same errors occured.

Update: okay, tubehax does work about half the time. whats so different about running it from there?

Read this: https://github.com/yellows8/3ds_homemenuhax/issues/6

Posted on 12-17-15 02:49 PM, in How to build homebrew for the 3DS Link | #836
Posted by anonymous
What do I use to type the command 'make'?

Uh, the keyboard?

Main - Posts by Garcia98

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