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Posted on 01-10-16 04:46 PM, in CakeHax - Open Source ARM9 loader (rev. 3 of 01-10-16 04:54 PM) Link | #870

I'm relatively new to ARM9 loading. Do I type http://dukesrg.no-ip.org/3ds/?EmuNAND9.dat for example or is this incorrect? I cannot test this as I don't own an old 3DS. Thanks in advance. :)
Posted by mid-kid
Not a bad idea. I may implement it someday. Though my priorities lie somewhere else at the moment.

AFAIK, cpasjuste already made something that does this. The piece of software he made is called CtrBootManager. (Did you really miss out on it or did I misunderstood something? I'm not sure...)
Edit: Oh, I've just seen the dates, sorry then. :)
Edit 2: Solved by visiting dukesrg.no-ip.org/3ds :)

Posted on 01-13-16 12:56 PM, in [Request] Homebrew&CFW Updater (rev. 4 of 01-13-16 01:04 PM) Link | #879
Hello :)

I tried to build a little homebrew tool but I wasn't able to do it. The tool should read sdmc:\CFWKIT_VERSION.TXT. This .txt file includes a version number. The file looks like this:


The program should read this .txt file, then cast the string it contains into a float (let's say the float is named installedVersion). Then it should read http: //aidanlumina.bplaced.com/files/CFWKIT_VERSION.txt
, cast the string it contains into another float (onlineVersion) and compare that with installedVersion.
If onlineVersion is equal to installedVersion, it should display on-screen
You have the latest version installed on your system. :)

If onlineVersion (rounded down) is bigger than installedVersion (rounded down), it should display
You need to get the latest version of the 3DS CFW Kit manually.

If onlineVersion (not rounded) is bigger than installedVersion(not rounded), it should do the following onlineVersion - installedVersion * 1000 times (so, in this example 4 times):
Display "Downloading update V(4.002, then 4.003, then 4.004 and finally 4.005 in this example)... "
Download http: //aidanlumina.bplaced.com/files/upd/V(4.002/4.003/4.004/4.005 in this example, you get the idea ;) ).bin
Add "OK!" to the displayed line, then jump to the next line
These .bin files are ZIP files that were converted to .bin using that starterGen .bat included in the latest build of EmuNAND9 by d0k3. After the program has downloaded all the .bin files, it should extract them to sdmc:\ one by one (see 3DSZIPFX source code by d0k3 for how-to).

I HOPE you understand everything above. I would LOVE if someone takes the time and tries to implement this tool. :D I hope it's alright to post a request here. I will post it on gbatemp too if that's okay. :)

Thanks for reading! :)

Edit: Oh, and some info for the .smdh file:
Title: 3CKU
Description: 3DS CFW Kit Updater
Authors: [Your_Name], d0k3 (for 3DSZIPFX) AidanLumina (for the algorithm and the idea... Maybe? Please ^^)

Posted on 01-25-16 07:24 PM, in Compiling CtrBootManager? (rev. 2 of 01-25-16 07:25 PM) Link | #914
You should be able to compile it using devkitpro devkitARM I think. Just install it, then run make in the proper directory. If there's anything you need to know further than that, you'll find it in the readme.md. :)

Posted on 03-09-16 03:12 PM, in Possible board merge (rev. 2 of 03-09-16 03:19 PM) Link | #978
I would like to add my honest opinion to this discussion too, as most people here vote yes. :)

I'm very unsure about this. I really enjoy the seriousness on this board. (I've been mostly following it as a guest.) This seriousness could be endangered by integrating it into kuribo64. That is basically why I vote for no.

I would like to keep this as an alternative to gbatemp.

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